06 Why Google Loves WordPress

WordPress for your business website is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make for your online presence. Used by well over 200 million users on the web, WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform but a powerful CMS Content Management System allowing you to seamlessly integrate thousands of features with cool plugins and widgets.

google favicon loves wordpress

Today, one can Install WordPress in 1 Click and have a powerful website up and running in no time. Whether your business has been running a website for the past decade or is about to launch one soon, you cannot ignore the versatility of WordPress.

In this episode, I explore some of the pros and cons of using WordPress, as an option for your business website confirming why this is a content managed system on steroids. Enjoy.

My Top 5 Favourite WordPress  Plugins of all time:

  1. All In One SEO – Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog
  2. Woopra – Real-time Analytics
  3. Sociable – Automatically adds links on your posts, pages and RSS feed
  4. Dynamic Content Gallery –  Creates a dynamic gallery of images
  5. Google Anayticator – Google Anayltics code made simple for integration

Other Links referred to in the podcast:

MySQLPHPFilezillaSM58Zoom H2

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Is Your Iceberg Melting ?

John Kotter is the undisputed guru in Leadership and Change Management and author of the bestselling book, “Our Iceberg Is Melting”. In this episode, I discuss Professor John Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change and how you can apply the same approach to successfully change your business under any conditions.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders ought to take valuable lessons from the authoritative subject matter expert on Change Management and Leadership. The 8 Steps of Change are based on Kotter’s extensive research spanning several decades, where he studied the science and art of successful and sustainable business change. If you are serious about turning your business around, there is a tried and trusted way, the John Kotter way.

an iceberg and glacier out at sea

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Pareto’s Magnificent Seven Rules of Business

Pareto’s Principle is a fundamental business principle that holds true, irrespective of the nature of your business. Also known as the 80:20 rule, it is a simple, yet powerful approach to look at your business and more importantly focus on the issues that really matter.

So which one of these statements ring true for your business?

1.            80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers

2.            20% of your product or service range contributes 80% of your profit

3.            80% of customer complaints originate from 20% of the causes.

4.            20% of your individual effort and time achieves 80% of the desired results

5.            80% of your business productivity losses results from 20% of the causes

6.            20% of your staff is responsible for 80% of the business outputs and results.

7.            80% of the value in the business is generated by 20% of the processes

Look at your business long and hard and identify those vital few elements which are all that matter, everything else is hot air.

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Creating HD Videos for Business

Websites like YouTube and Vimeo have made video searching an appealing option for many consumers.  If pictures say a thousand words, imagine what HD video and pristine audio will do for your product or service proposition. The relatively low entry level has opened up a whole new channel to promote businesses online. In this podcast episode, I talk about the sublime Kodak Zi8 Pocket Digital HD Camcorder, a gadget to help your business videos come to life.

the Kodak Zi8 Pocket HD camcoder

Producing HD Videos for your business website is now easier and more affordable than ever before. We look at the Zi8 for all its features and functionality. If your business is waiting to be discovered, the Kodak Zi8 will make the process of making professional looking videos a whole lot easier.

The SmallBizKaizen Store

Some firms that have used this camera include Immigration Solicitors based in Bedford as well as Immigration Lawyers in Reading

Our personal favourite must be the Uk Immigration Solicitors based in Oxford


Jerk Chicken vs. Hats is a Carnival No Contest

The Notting Hill Carnival was the setting for our Business Lesson of the day. The West London spectacle, the biggest street carnival in Europe, lived up to its reputation of being a festive celebration of colours, music and of course food.  I was there on a glorious Bank Holiday Monday and in part, out on a fun mission to spot something worth sharing with the SmallBizKaizen community. I didn’t have to search far as you’ll see from this video.

This lesson holds true at the Carnival, then surely the same is true in your business. We urge all upcoming or newly established entrepreneurs to take heed of this simple lesson by getting into business for the right reasons, to solve a problem for your customers rather than create one for yourself !

brian venge and levi roots at the nottinghill carnival On another business note, I also met up with Levi Roots of the Dragons Den fame at his “Rasta’Rant”, a true dragon slayer who is still putting music into your food today. His business story is simply phenomenal. We hope to bring you an exclusive interview with Levi in the future, so watch this space.  To be absolutely sure you don’t miss out, simply subscribe to the RSS feed.

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