16 Twelve Business Improvement Ideas for Christmas

A brand new 2011 year presents a great opportunity to start something new for your business.

Why not tap into the many, mostly free, productivity and business improvement tools available and unleash the power of web 2.0 business tools for your business.

True to the Christmas spirit, this episode focuses on:

12 Tools to Improve your Business.

  1. Mindmeister – An online mind mapping brainstorming  software for Project Management, Brain Storming, great for innovative people and businesses collaboration in real time.  http://www.mindmeister.com/
  2.  IdeaScale – Idea collection platform where customers submit their ideas and vote for the best ones http://ideascale.com/
  3. Evernote – Capture images, text, audio and video as a means to help you remember everything. http://evernote.com
  4. Viral Heat – Track who is mentioning what in any of the Social Network Platforms. Viralheat covers every corner of the social web from Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter, Real-time web, to YouTube.  http://www.viralheat.com/?r=8833
  5. Twitter
  6. Google
  7. YouTube
  8. Zune
  9. Yahoo Answers
  10. Mocking Bird  
  11. DropBox
  12. oDesk

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15 YouTube for Business

In this part 2 and conclusion to the Google Introduction to business products presentation, Daniel Bornstein takes us through how YouTube is transforming the face of search and shares some amazing statistics, proving why any business cannot afford to ignore YouTube.

Technologies in use today allow ads to be served to consumers based on the content they’re reading using the most powerful contextual technology in the world.  Category advertising on the other hand, is all about serving ads to consumers based on our categorisation of thousands of sites. Lastly, Placement targeting ads are served to consumers based on specific sites on the Google Display Network.

If you are looking for alternative ways to reach new audiences, then YouTube could just be the way. Did I mention its free?

A Few YouTube Stats to Convince You

The  Reach

YouTube is now the 2nd Search engine after Google

448 Million visitors each month

2 Billion daily video views

The Audience

5% of the time spent on the internet  is spent on YouTube

Target your audience via Theme, Interests  or Demographic

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14 How to Top Google Rankings in 10 minutes.

classic googleGoogle Adwords offers one of the quickest routes for your website to rank highly. Also referred to as “sponsored links” a well-researched and executed Adwords campaign can perform exceptionally well, exceeding the Return On Investment (ROI) when compared to the alternative method of using SEO (search engine optimisation, where your website relies on natural or organic search).

Lest face it, despite hiring the very best of SEO experts and or building many quality links to your website, new websites tend to take a much long time and massive efforts to naturally rank in the top 10. Those that do are not guaranteed of staying on top of their search term either. It’s an on-going fight for google supremacy.

The Google Adwords or Pay per Click search option is based on an auction system where the amount you will pay for any of your Ads to appear is based on a Rank calculated from the Max CPC (the Maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click) and the Quality Score (an algorithm score based on the relevance of your website to what you have advertised.)

Ad Rank = MaxCPC x Quality Score

In essence, the higher your quality score, the lower the price you will pay per click.

This episode focuses on how your business can use Adwords as a strategy for instant high ranking, provided all other elements are in place. The presentation also covers Google’s content network channels including how You Tube is now the second most used search platform. Lastly, the rise and a rise in the use of mobile phone browsing requires an adapted approach for you website. Find out how – listen in to enjoy.

Send all your comments and questions to me at  brian@smallbizkaizen.com and I will make sure I answer them for you in future episodes.


Google Adwords

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11 Pimp Your Biz is the title of My Book

Google Presentation at the Ecommerce expoIn this episode I announce an exciting book project that’s been keeping me busy for the past few months but nearing completion. The book is entitled PIMP YOUR BIZA Complete Guide to Improving Your Business under Any Circumstances.

If you want to be one of 10 people to receive a complimentary copy of Pimp Your Biz, simply send me a message via the Contact Us page and mention “Pimp Your Biz” in the subject field.

I also talk about the Google Introduction to Business products video which now available exclusively for Small Biz Kaizen listeners. This episode features a 10 minute teaser extracted from 1 hr. 10 min video.

In the last part, I invite you to take a look at my new studio backdrop intended for shooting videos, a sign of what’s in store for Small Biz Kaizen as we take podcasting to another level.

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