Jerk Chicken vs. Hats is a Carnival No Contest

The Notting Hill Carnival was the setting for our Business Lesson of the day. The West London spectacle, the biggest street carnival in Europe, lived up to its reputation of being a festive celebration of colours, music and of course food.  I was there on a glorious Bank Holiday Monday and in part, out on a fun mission to spot something worth sharing with the SmallBizKaizen community. I didn’t have to search far as you’ll see from this video.

This lesson holds true at the Carnival, then surely the same is true in your business. We urge all upcoming or newly established entrepreneurs to take heed of this simple lesson by getting into business for the right reasons, to solve a problem for your customers rather than create one for yourself !

brian venge and levi roots at the nottinghill carnival On another business note, I also met up with Levi Roots of the Dragons Den fame at his “Rasta’Rant”, a true dragon slayer who is still putting music into your food today. His business story is simply phenomenal. We hope to bring you an exclusive interview with Levi in the future, so watch this space.  To be absolutely sure you don’t miss out, simply subscribe to the RSS feed.

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Sexy Burgers? Jazz and Oxygen – Its Business as Usual – the TC Way

Tendayi Chiro mug shotTendayi Chiro known simply as TC, is not your average Civil & Structural Engineer. A Jazz enthusiast, collector of priceless Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture, a Golfer, Family man, MBA graduate, Manchester United die hard fan and above all, a seasoned entrepreneur of note.

Born in Zimbabwe and having studied engineering in the USA, TC has been involved in farming, restaurant and jazz club, student accommodation letting & other property related businesses in South Africa where he now lives.

In this insightful interview, TC takes us on his journey and shares how his approach to business ventures has been centred on a model of building value around property as opposed to the business proposition, quite akin to the MacDonalds Real Estate Model.

He gives valuable lessons in business about self belief, learning from mistakes and how the non-linear relationship in business requires an open and diverse mind to survive in today’s tough economy.

This podcast is laced with useful lessons and good advice for the smallbizkaizen listeners to take on board so we hope you enjoy it.

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SmallBiz Kaizen Podcast now listed on iTunes

smallbizkaizen podcast logo 600x

a Small Business Podcast is born

SmallBizKaizen podcast has made a smashing debut on the iTunes Store with exactly, well one subscriber on day 1 ! Not bad for day one.  This is really exciting for us as it makes it so much easier for all listeners to subscribe freely to the podcast RSS feed by simply clicking the subscribe button in i Tunes.

It’s really simple to find the listing, simply search for “SmallBizKaizen” or “Kaizen”  or “Brian Venge” in the search field and you’ll find a logo that looks similar to the one in this post. Hit the subscribe button (gently),  sit back and enjoy as every new episode gets automatically delivered straight to your ear buds.

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Continuous Improvement Principles Always hold True.

Kaizen Continuous Improvement

Principles is the subject of this very first episode of the SmallBizKaizen Podcast hosted by Brian Venge. The podcast is targeted at entrepreneurs and small business as an inspiration and motivation to adopt the Continuous Improvement principles as a central part of any business strategy. If your business is struggling to find ways to get out of the recession, or seeking to make improvements to drive growth and profits then this podcast is for you.  Brian has spent the last 20 years working for 4 multinational corporations, Nestle, Unilever, CMB & Vodafone in the fields  of quality management, change management , strategy deployment  and continuous improvement.He draws attention to a reality check by concluding that the secret to success in Continuous Improvement boils down to 3 factors: simplicity, principles and a good business sense.

As mentioned in the cast, if you want to learn more about podcasting, check out the Andy White website.

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Take a listen and enjoy.