16 Twelve Business Improvement Ideas for Christmas

A brand new 2011 year presents a great opportunity to start something new for your business.

Why not tap into the many, mostly free, productivity and business improvement tools available and unleash the power of web 2.0 business tools for your business.

True to the Christmas spirit, this episode focuses on:

12 Tools to Improve your Business.

  1. Mindmeister – An online mind mapping brainstorming  software for Project Management, Brain Storming, great for innovative people and businesses collaboration in real time.  http://www.mindmeister.com/
  2.  IdeaScale – Idea collection platform where customers submit their ideas and vote for the best ones http://ideascale.com/
  3. Evernote – Capture images, text, audio and video as a means to help you remember everything. http://evernote.com
  4. Viral Heat – Track who is mentioning what in any of the Social Network Platforms. Viralheat covers every corner of the social web from Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter, Real-time web, to YouTube.  http://www.viralheat.com/?r=8833
  5. Twitter
  6. Google
  7. YouTube
  8. Zune
  9. Yahoo Answers
  10. Mocking Bird  
  11. DropBox
  12. oDesk

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15 YouTube for Business

In this part 2 and conclusion to the Google Introduction to business products presentation, Daniel Bornstein takes us through how YouTube is transforming the face of search and shares some amazing statistics, proving why any business cannot afford to ignore YouTube.

Technologies in use today allow ads to be served to consumers based on the content they’re reading using the most powerful contextual technology in the world.  Category advertising on the other hand, is all about serving ads to consumers based on our categorisation of thousands of sites. Lastly, Placement targeting ads are served to consumers based on specific sites on the Google Display Network.

If you are looking for alternative ways to reach new audiences, then YouTube could just be the way. Did I mention its free?

A Few YouTube Stats to Convince You

The  Reach

YouTube is now the 2nd Search engine after Google

448 Million visitors each month

2 Billion daily video views

The Audience

5% of the time spent on the internet  is spent on YouTube

Target your audience via Theme, Interests  or Demographic

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Creating HD Videos for Business

Websites like YouTube and Vimeo have made video searching an appealing option for many consumers.  If pictures say a thousand words, imagine what HD video and pristine audio will do for your product or service proposition. The relatively low entry level has opened up a whole new channel to promote businesses online. In this podcast episode, I talk about the sublime Kodak Zi8 Pocket Digital HD Camcorder, a gadget to help your business videos come to life.

the Kodak Zi8 Pocket HD camcoder

Producing HD Videos for your business website is now easier and more affordable than ever before. We look at the Zi8 for all its features and functionality. If your business is waiting to be discovered, the Kodak Zi8 will make the process of making professional looking videos a whole lot easier.

The SmallBizKaizen Store

Some firms that have used this camera include Immigration Solicitors based in Bedford as well as Immigration Lawyers in Reading

Our personal favourite must be the Uk Immigration Solicitors based in Oxford