08 Geo Social Networks are the New Kid on the Block

The subject of Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media for Small Business is expertly covered in this interview with Chris Lee, founder of Planet Content, an online PR network company made up of freelance UK based tech PR, social media experts, bloggers, podcasters and copywriters. Chris is also behind the free content marketing blog, RunMarketing , a great resource for Small business owners.

Loads of practical tips for the small business are covered in this episode so make the most of social media platforms available today including the latest trends in Geo-Social Networking. The growth in mobile phone surfing will require a different set of blogging rules. If your business is only tweeting, don’t lag behind, get  Geo Social Networking.

My 10 Top Tips for Small Business Social Media Networking (more in this interview)

  1. Blog well and blog often.
  2. Be Creative with content – venture into podcasting and video.
  3. Ensure your audience participates in the platforms you do.
  4. Set out your objectives – exactly what you want to achieve.
  5. On Twitter, write your own tweets – don’t let someone do this for you.
  6. Don’t use the “auto thank you” responder on Tweeter to thank new followers.
  7. Get to know and use Geo Social Networks
  8. Create blogs tailored in length for both search engines and mobile phone browsing (300 -500 words)
  9. Avoid using Flash in your content – will not play on iPhone ( significant smart phone footprint)  .
  10. True to Kaizen principles, with online Marketing and PR, measure, monitor, and take action –  don’t stop improving.

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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks a lot! Useful tips!

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