18 Business Planning Made Simple

Writing a solid Business Plan doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.  If 2011 is the year you want to start a business, chances are, you’re going to need a Business Plan.

Whilst some people see the process of writing a good Business Plan challenging, good practical help  is always at hand, if you look for it in the right places.

In this episode, I speak to Craig Frazier of Business Plan Examples about what inspired him to come up with  The Business Plan Toolkit, a DIY  business plan writing template. It is based on a real life coffee shop business plan and uses the familiar MS Word format so it can be updated for any small business.

The Toolkit also includes the 1 year financial Pro-Forma used to project profit and loss, as well as a break-even analysis chart to graphically display to investors where the break-even point is for sales and profit.

Craig discusses:

  • His entrepreneurial beginnings and what keeps him motivated
  • Why the Executive Summary is the Make or Break element of a Business Plan
  • Why a Business Plan should be for a specific audience  – i.e  board of directors, a bank or venture capitalist or for personal use
  • Getting Started and taking the first Step in Writing a Wining Business Plan
  • How he draws inspiration for the book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose written by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos  and to “stick with your gut”  while growing a business.

“If you can’t articulate who you are and what you want to be through a business plan then your company will lack direction and focus”

As a special gratuity gesture to a few lucky Small Biz Kaizen Podcast Listeners, Business Plan Examples has kindly donated 5 Free Business Plan Toolkits to the first 5 people to write a comment on this very post !

So Hurry and be one of the first 5 people to comment, and receive a FREE complimentary copy of this tried and proven template.

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11 comments on “18 Business Planning Made Simple
  1. david macias says:

    I have found myself pulling my hair out writing my business plan. I can use all the help I can get.

  2. Tiera Cook says:

    Sounds like the perfect first step toward my business plan becoming a reality.

    • Brian says:

      Hi Tiera
      Wish you all the best with your business venture and happy to confirm a complimentary copy the Business Plan Toolkit is on its way to you !

  3. Shirley says:

    This will definitely help me as I need guidance in writing my business plan. Thank you

    • Brian says:

      Hi Shirley
      The complete “Business Plan toolkit” is on its way to you. Good Luck with your business.

  4. Juanita McKenzie says:

    I am excited to start my new home based business on the right path.

    • Brian says:

      Hi Juanita
      Look out for the complimentary “Business Plan toolkit” and best wishes for your business.

  5. Frank Jones says:

    Hi Brian, maybe found this page a wee bit late but i still count 4 ot of 5 so far?
    I am keen to get my plan started. I like things simple and maybe yours can help to motivate me further.
    To setup my own Scottish day tours business.

    Happy New Year

    • Brian says:

      Hi Frank
      Nothing wrong with your counting mate ! You’re the 5th recipient of the Business Plan Toolkit and wish you success in your business.

  6. Marcelo Pereira says:

    My pitch would be that although I am the sixth, I’m an entrepreneur and I really would be facilitated with your help! I am also at a business school in Bolivia and could bring many customers!

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