Inspiring Motivational Videos Launches

brian and tinashe vengeInspiring Motivational Videos was launched last week after several months in the pipeline. This innovative daily personalized video service allows members to receive emails, directly to their Mailbox, that deliver a massively inspiring video on a daily basis.

These beautifully crafted videos, deliver a key motivational message that anyone can act upon, inspiring you to live your life to the fullest. Imagine if in each and every day of the next 12 months, you had a spark of inspiration to motivate you into taking action, nudging you to make a difference to your life, whether it be business, relationships, career, faith or wisdom and suggesting ways that will help you succeed and holding yourself accountable for taking action. This is what Inspiring Motivational Videos is set out to do.

“We know what one can do when one feels motivated. Coming up with the Inspiring Motivational Videos website and service is our own proof that daily inspiration indeed goes a long way” said Brian Venge, one of the co-founders of the service. The other co-founder is  Tinashe Venge, his son, a Journalism and Communications student.

Brian is a naturally gifted video producer, freelancing on odesk whilst Tinashe, also an odesk freelancer,  is a prolific writer and editor. So when you bring these complimentary skills and talents together you create an unstoppable force that became the inspiration behind this product.

Brian went on to say ” We saw a great opportunity in the market to introduce this innovation to people like ourselves, business and family oriented individuals with ambitions, dreams and beliefs.  Although motivational and inspiring words and quotes have been shared for thousands of years, packaging them into a captivating video to deliver this message is truly revolutionary.  If words can move a person, and a if a picture says a thousand words, just imagine what video can do. ”

“We not only wanted people to enjoy our videos, but importantly, to do something about them , every single day. this why we close off each video with a specific Call to Action , for the viewer to take immediate action as a result of the motivation for the day”  added Tinashe.

“The Smallbizkaizen blog reader is someone I always  had in mind when developing this product because I’ve been there when the chips are down, when the going gets tough, so rather than throw in the towel, all one needs is a spark of motivation to ignite inspiration” went on Brian.

Immigration Solicitors based in London also agreed with this idea and so do Zaidi Solicitors who are immigration solicitors from cambridge uk

Watch the Brian and Tinashe Venge video for more inspiring reasons behind the creation of this product and Sign Up a free 7 day Trial and see for yourself how these videos will change the way you look at the day ahead.



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