SBK024 Prioritize Your Health Before It Prioritizes You!

This remarkable episode takes us on a journey like never before. A journey all about the importance of physical wellbeing and how this is a vital part of your business strategy.

I talk to my good friend, Jon Denoris, founder of “Club 51” London’s exclusive bespoke fitness studio, about the role that good health and physical well-being plays in business. It’s phenomenal, to say the least.

Jon, a trained “Exercise Scientist” who specialises in Exercise Psychology and Behavioural Change, walks us through the striking similarities between a successful health and wellness regime and kaizen!

I found this fascinating and amazingly true.

Jon’s 10 Tips to Get Your Heath Back On Top of the Priorities List.

  1. Create a “Business Plan” for your health, complete with goals , dates and milestones
  2. Write Down your Health and Wellness Goals
  3. Break them up into Smaller Goals
  4. Start Gradually (true kaizen style)
  5. Benefit  from as little as 10 Minutes a Day
  6. Gradually increase this to several 10 Minute Sessions a day
  7. Why not push it to 15 Minutes a Session?
  8. Don’t try and take on Too much, Too soon
  9. Look back at your Original Target
  10. Analyse where you are and look ahead

If this doesn’t inspire into physical action- I don’t know what will !

Why oh why did I put my neck on the block ?

Find out about a massive commitment that I fully intend to live up to, with Jon’s assistance of course. Listen till the end for this “spur of the moment” announcement !

This episode is guaranteed to kick start your new year and get you inspired into prioritising your greatest asset, your good health.

Jon’s Contact Details

Founder, Club 51

Nike Master Trainer

The Harrods Personal Trainer

Kinetica-Sports Fitness Ambassador

Facebook :

Twitter: @jondenoris

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