Do you kanban (new serie)?

Kanban is a way of signaling or highlighting material needs that emergied from the industry sector. Japanese used to put small wooden or metal signs on their products. This is today often reduced to small visible logos. 

Kanban is a Japanese term for “sign” or “whiteboard” which indicates “available capacity (for work)”. As a concept Kanban is within the production philosophy just-in-time (JIT), where it is used as a scheduling system that talks about What, When and How:

  • what should be produced
  • when it should be produced
  • and how much to produce it

Simply put, Kanban is a visual system for managing the work that moves through a process that creates value. It is a system for visualizing work, reducing wastage by limiting ongoing work and maximizing customer benefit.

In a serie of posts we will talk about “4 advantages with Kanban when you work”. The first will be out next week, approx some days before christmas 2019!

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