About SmallBizKaizen.com

SmallBizKaizen is all about small business owners! The site is a go-to resouirce for SBO:s that wants that extra dimension of the small business life. We will provide you with tips and trix to get ahead in busieness as well in life. Welcome!

In the beginning….

It all started back in 2010/2011 when Brian Venge first registrated the domain name and set up the site. He did some (a lot!) work adding valuable content for the readers. Then, as so often in life, there where other responsibilities and projects, customers and deadlines to take care of. Brian has slightly changed profession and are now working with image and video (read more at www.brianvenge.com). So – this site will undergo some changes during decemer 2017 in order to once again be a site to count with when it comes to Strategies, Improvement and Growing – with focus on business and business owners.


What its all about

If you do things well , do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just” – Anita Roddick, founder of  The Body Shop.

Small Biz Kaizen.com aims to provide inspiration and motivation for the general business audience to take up Continuous Improvement principles for application in business and life situations.

As we now live in an increasingly connected and web-centric world, Continuous Improvement Process, as a discipline, needs to adapt and embrace the power of web 2.0 related tools and today’s technology.

This blog shares  practical and easy to understand information about using Continuous Improvement (CI) as a central part of any business strategy.

Kaizen, is a Japanese word meaning “Change for the Better” and centered on creating measurable, incremental improvements which altogether, make a difference and contribution to the bottom line.

At Small Biz Kaizen we  like to use new media such as  podcasts, screencasts, videos , blog posts and discussions to share information relating to Continuous Improvement for your business.

We hope you not only enjoy the content on this site, but more importantly go and do something about it.

Continuous Improvement (CI) in a modern business world allows a business to:

  1. Identify and implement opportunities that add value to a business
  2. Improve customer satisfaction, an enabler for sustainable and profitable growth
  3. Improve processes & systems thereby increasing productivity and efficiency
  4. Motivates people through meaningful engagement ,awareness and recognition
  5. Affords  innovation and renovation an optimistic chance
  6. Achieve  business objectives.