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The way it is done

The way you do one thing is the way you do EVERYthing. I am sure you heard thsi before. I certainly have. It is attriubuted to ZEN-buddism but are truly universal. If you cant do one small thing the way

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10 ways to use…soon a new blog post is coming

Welcome to 2020! A whole new decade. Who would have known it would start this way? I’m sure you’ve all heard more than enough about corona and Covid19 and the world economy.  My usual daily work is in finance, I

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Do you kanban (new serie)?

Kanban is a way of signaling or highlighting material needs that emergied from the industry sector. Japanese used to put small wooden or metal signs on their products. This is today often reduced to small visible logos.  Kanban is a

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Ever heard of Berlic?

Prioritizing sequentially can be difficult and time consuming. If your team are using Kanban or very short iterations, the priority is less and less interesting for each otems corresponding with the time between now and implementaiton. If the item are

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The Second Beginning

As you can read in the About-section, this site is having something you might call Second Beginning. Brian started the site 2011 and Fredrik bought it 2017. More information will follow shortly, but one thing is clear: we want this

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Inspiring Motivational Videos Launches

Inspiring Motivational Videos was launched last week after several months in the pipeline. This innovative daily personalized video service allows members to receive emails, directly to their Mailbox, that deliver a massively inspiring video on a daily basis. These beautifully crafted videos, deliver a key motivational message

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What Are Your Competitors up To ?

Always stay close and keep a watch on what your competitors are up to. Innovative new products and services could just be the very thing that differentiates your business from your competitors.Remember this works both ways because your competition is

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Why should your Business Care about KPI’s?

A candid Look at the “K” in KPI and why your business should care and make decisions based on what the KPI’s are confirming.

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Free Management Help Blog

Small Biz Kaizen has just been appointed the resident expert blogger on “Quality Management”, on the hugely popluar Free Management Library site.

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Why Six Sigma DMAIC Problem Solving Always Works

Of the hundreds of problem solving methods available DMAIC is one I highly recommend because it remains true to the fundamental principles of Continuous Improvement

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