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SBK024 Prioritize Your Health Before It Prioritizes You!

This remarkable episode takes us on a journey like never before. A journey all about the importance of physical wellbeing and how this is a vital part of your business strategy. I talk to my good friend, Jon Denoris, founder of “Club 51” London’s exclusive bespoke fitness studio, about the role that good health and physical well-being plays in business. It’s phenomenal, to say the least.
Jon, a trained “Exercise Scientist” who specialises in Exercise Psychology and Behavioural Change walks us through the striking similarities between a successful health and wellness regime and kaizen! I found this fascinating and amazingly true.

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SBK022 Everybody, Everyday is the true Continuous Improvement Way.

Today’s episode is a special one as I go back to my true Kaizen roots and speak with Bruce Hamilton, the President of the GBMP (Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership), a non-profit provider of lean technology.  Bruce has extensive experience in

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08 Geo Social Networks are the New Kid on the Block

Chris Lee of Planet Content expertly covers the subject of Marketing, PR and the Social Media opportunities for Small Business owners and breaks it down to what really matters – the tactics, tips, do’s and don’ts of PR and Social Media. If your business is online you can’t afford to lag behind. Geo Social Networking is the new kid on the block.

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The A-Z of Kaizen Continuous Improvement.

The A-Z for commonly used Continuous Improvement terms – can be used as a checklist in the application of Continuous Improvement Principles

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Continuous Improvement Process needs a Checkpoint

A quick Check of your business’s readiness to embrace continuous improvement

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