Authors corner

I have been working as an entrepreneur in small business since 2004 when I first started consulting as a web developer. Since then I have been doing A LOT of web development for companies in all sizes and shapes. A rather well known customer has been Ikea, where I worked at the IT-office in Älmhult for several years.

I have also tried working as an administrator for other SBO:s, which I find very rewarding. The work involved doing administration gives you a real good view of what other business do to keep flying and thrive…or crash and burn.

Why Small Business Kaizen?

As a small business owner you need to stay focused and maintain good habbits and routines. We can all need help and advice now and then. SmallBizKaizen will give you simple and easy tools to keep going.

Personal and professional growing

All small business owners know that personal life and business life tends to blur togheter. What you learn on a personal level gives echo in your business life – and vice versa. As the smart SBO you are you know that staying alert and contemporary will result in more whatever-you-want on the bottom line (be it money, freedom, clients or peace & love to name only a few things).

What I will do on SmallBizKaizen

I will write lectures, small pieces of useful information, funny anecdotes and educational posts about Kaizen, Life, Business and Growing. My goal is to give useful information that can be applied with small effort but give you a  big return on the invested time.

The original SmallBizKaizen-master

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