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SBK022 Everybody, Everyday is the true Continuous Improvement Way.

Today’s episode is a special one as I go back to my true Kaizen roots and speak with Bruce Hamilton, the President of the GBMP (Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership), a non-profit provider of lean technology.  Bruce has extensive experience in

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12 Is Your Website Up for the Speed Race?

Optimising your website for speed brings with it numerous benefits for your online business. An increase in conversions, customer satisfaction plus a reduction in operational costs all positively impacts the bottom line. In terms of SEO, the faster your website the higher it will rank in the natural or organic searches. Yet, how often do we sit and wait for clunky and slow, image heavy websites to load?

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The A-Z of Kaizen Continuous Improvement.

The A-Z for commonly used Continuous Improvement terms – can be used as a checklist in the application of Continuous Improvement Principles

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SmallBiz Kaizen Podcast now listed on iTunes

a continuous improvement or kaizen podcast launched in iTunes allowing subscribers to obtain the latest episodes freely

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Continuous Improvement Principles Always hold True.

A Kaizen podcast aimed at SME businesses & entrepreneurs and looks at Continuous Improvement as a discipline and a core part of business strategy.

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