The Manifesto

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About Brian Venge

My name is Brian Venge, founder of SmallBizKaizen and for the past 20 years, I’ve worked on 5 continents for some of the world’s largest multi-national corporations such as Nestle, Unilever, Crown Cork & Seal and Vodafone, doing what I understand and enjoy the most, implementing Continuous Improvement.

In this time I’ve learnt a lot in the several approaches to implementing sustainable CI projects and look forward to sharing the key principles behind this successful sauce.

Whilst my career was built around 4 multinational companies spanning  12 countries, I discovered there is one universal translation to Continuous Improvement and its called Value Creation.

I’m also the author of a soon to be released book, “PIMP YOUR BIZ – A Complete Guide to Improving Your Business Under Any Circumstances”.

I really hope you find the site and articles useful and in the true spirit of CI, I welcome your feedback.